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Поверхность ТВ Форум / Обсуждение трансляций / Is there ANY way to get a mobile dashboard tile to open the link? Модераторы: BuTbKa, Maria, dex Тема закрыта
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Hi everyone,

We've gone to the trouble of setting up mobile versions of dashboards and the linked reports.  This functionality could use a lot of improvement, but it's a start.  However, the tiles in the dashboard open the linked visual in focus mode by default.   We can change the link to the report file, but these reports have multiple tabs and we can't specify the tab in the link (that I know of).  Specifying a custom link opens the report in a browser window instead of the mobile app.
Is there ANY way to get a mobile dashboard tile to open the linked report TAB by default?  I'm aware that we can click the ... elipsis to do this, but that's very clunky and this project is for leadership who are going to ask why in the world they have to do that.
Hoping there's a trick/workaround for this.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

http://community.powerbi.com/t5/Mobile- ... d-p/382045
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Thank you.

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