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Поверхность ТВ Форум / Обсуждения спортивных событий / What's the definition of a sport? Are all sports games and all games s Модераторы: BuTbKa, Maria, dex Тема закрыта
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What is the definition of what a sport is?
You've got football, baseball etc, all considered sports and games. What about chess and monopoly, not sports but games right?
So is it all sports are games, but not all games are sports or the other way around - or is it muddied?
What about racing cars, fishing, shooting and other such competition, sport or no? Does the media decide all of this for us?
I've always wondered about this. Anyone have a clear view?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

2018-05-19 11:01:17
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