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Поверхность ТВ Форум / Обсуждение трансляций / Area Stake Conference Broadcast Issues Модераторы: BuTbKa, Maria, dex Тема закрыта
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Anyone else participate in the Salt Lake South Area Stake Conference Broadcast today? Satellite was fine, but volume for the stream was low. I talked to the help desk and it sounded like others had called in about that as well, but they never fixed it. They suggested accessing it through the web site (which I didn't know existed) instead of the direct link, and sure enough that one was a little louder, but after a short while it froze so we had to switch back. I thought maybe it was a bandwidth issue, but we had the same issue in another building with large bandwidth.
I do wish they had multiple bandwidth options though; the quality wasn't very good. For low bandwidth I think the priorities should be audio quality and video frame rate instead of resolution.

Any help will be apprecited.

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2018-05-19 10:59:30
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